A Critical analysis of Academy Village in Tucson Arizona

Full information of the benefits and problems of the Village. By a senior who bought into the Village about 7 years ago and is now moving out of the Village.  We suffered over  a $200,000.00 loss and were cheated by the Arizona Senior Academy
The good side of the equation The literature sounded great and we assumed a retirement in a growing community of interesting and opened minded people. : We meet and made some wonderful friends
The bad side: We did not do our homework. Villagers have a saying “they drank the Koolaide” And the enthusiasm of retirement and new concepts took over good judgement and investigation. The Village is the brain child of Dr. Henry Koffler, former President of the University of Arizona, it was conceived as a retirement village for academicians and many have located in the village. When we entered the village there was a waiting list for building homes and many promises to prospect buyer which were never fulfilled. Today, seven years later,  The Village address is Tucson but it is located about 10miles south of the the Tucson city limits near Vail, AZ. ,there are many empty lots, few sidewalks, No health program which was promised, no cafe, the only grocery store is 10 miles away and a hospital and most quality medical care is about 15 miles away and only one house has been built in the past 5 years. The home owners dues are high (over $200.00/month) plus and probably will be increasing in the future and the mandatory fee of $75.00 to a charity which provides free programing to the entire greater Tucson community at the expense of the home owners. This is the only HOA in the United States that requires it home owners to pay into a charity  The real estate listing(www.tarmls.com/academyvillage) does not list this added expense of $150. per couple. The buyer is made aware of the cost just prior to signing the real estate purchase papers.  This is,  in my  opinion, a failed community which will ultimately fail unless change takes place.
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